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Our Promise

All our animals are grazed on our local permanent meadow grass pasture, our 100% outdoor grass-reared lamb and beef develops its great taste, maturing slowly at its own pace. We produce a highly sustainable, low intensity product with the highest of animal welfare standards, all within one mile of our home on the coast. We have footpaths that run through our fields down to the rugged shores of Widemouth Bay. We believe being this close to the coast adds flavour and texture to our meat. We are forward thinking modern farmers underpinned by traditional values. This is mirrored in our butchering which is carried out in a traditional fashion by our artisan butcher just 9.8 miles from the farm giving us minimum food miles and allowing us to support local, keep quality to a premium and facilitate bespoke customer requirements.

Proud Producer of West Country Lamb

Our Animals

Producing Sheep is where we started. In 2015 we bought 34 Llyens a hardy coastal bred ewe that can be traced back to the early 1750s since then we have been selective breeding from this flock. To meet consumer demand we expanded in 2019 to include our Dexter Beef herd. The Dexter originated in Ireland, a heritage breed, descended from the black cattle of the early Celts. The quality of their meat is a direct correlation to the diverse coastal conservation type meadow pasture they graze. All of our meat is sold direct, this has allowed us to look in depth at what it is we are producing and what it takes to get it there. Enabling us to improve our meat from both the farming and consumer perspective.

Don't forget to run on over to the Budelicious food festival this weekend the schedule is here https://www.budelicious.org/the-festival/. Dan will be doing a demonstration on Saturday and there will be lots of food producers on hand throughout the event.

This week on the farm we were doing wormer resistance testing on our sheep. This is extremely important to make sure our sheep are wormed effectively and in prime health. Pleased to say we have no levels of wormer resistance and our ewes, lambs and rams are in tip top condition.

Special 1/2 Lamb taster box only £75.00 call us for pickup or to ship yours. Perfect for a BBQ, Sunday roast and a lovely stew all in one box.

Our Lovely Cornish sheep grazing in the lambing field at Widemouth steps away from the ocean

We will be attending the Marhamchurch food Fair on Bank Holiday Monday serving up smoked meats. Drop by and see us find out more about what we do

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This is a rolled boneless loin from a Hebridean hogget. Being quite a lean meat our customer has decided to wrap the loin in wild garlic taken from the same pasture the hogget was raised in. The loin is further wrapped in buttered parchment to keep it moist during cooking. The whole joint is cooked low and slow for 4 hours. Served with roast potatoes, greens and a jug of gravy partnered with…

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